Now also hybrid propulsion in your Maril

Discover the future of boating with our hybrid options

The best of both worlds

We introduce our solution for hybrid boating. With hybrid boating, you get the best of both worlds: the power of a diesel engine and the quietness and sustainability of electric propulsion.

The Hybrid package is highly advanced and unique in the market. The package has been developed in collaboration with Water World Electronics, specifically for Maril.

Optimal collaboration between diesel and electric

Our hybrid system is designed to seamlessly switch between diesel and electric boating, allowing you to benefit from optimal efficiency both at higher speeds and in calm waters.

The specially developed in-house motor controller ensures that your battery is optimally charged without compromising the fuel consumption and performance of the diesel engine. The result? A fusion of the trusted power of a diesel engine with the sustainability of electric propulsion.

Quiet and Comfortable Boating

Experience the serene tranquility of hybrid boating. Thanks to electric propulsion, you can enjoy whisper-quiet propulsion, making your boating experience even more enjoyable. No engine noises, just the soothing sound of lapping water. And all this with the assurance that you can always rely on your diesel propulsion.

Discover the benefits of hybrid boating. Visit our shipyard and witness the future of sustainable and comfortable boating.

Contact us for more information and find out how you can benefit from these innovative technologies. Sail smart, sail hybrid!

Charging while sailing

Up to three hours of electric propulsion

Available with a Bluetooth module for iOS app

Plug and Play system

Available for almost all models (inquire about the possibilities)